Saturday, 23 June 2007

Who Are You?

Who am I? Who are you?
To know - will we ever do?
We know the present, and the past; but
The future yet has not been cast!
Who do I know?
Me, you, the seed yet to grow?
Our children's great-grandchildren; who will they be?
Offspring that we shall never see!
But you, they may get to know:
Captured in time, in a photo!
What will it be like: For them I mean?
Their lives, their hopes, and their dreams!
Will you be me, in years to come?
The energy in you, could there be some?
Of me, in you, to carry my life on;
Or does it all end when my life is done?

Mark (12/10/05)


~Ambre~ said...

I love this poem Mark! It pleases me to see that your blog is up and running once again. I look forward to following your journey through thought as you express it in word.


Mark Antoney said...

Don't know whether the whole of my journey of thought can be described fully in words. To me words are just words. Words that cannot really describe the deepest thoughts within. A sense of feeling, a sense of perception, words only give a brief meaning.

Rebicmel said...

Yes, but Mark you words give a glimpse into the kind of person you are. They are like little DNA cells that float about with each thought conveyed and from them we can draw a picture of the person you are.

I loved this poem for what it represented. I don't know if you are married or not but the pondering about future offspring and what you will mean to them is truly a unique outlook on life.

You are quite a deep person Mark, you ponder life and the things around you....Channel all that into writing either in poems or do short stories and keep them all. If nothing it will be a wonderful gift for your children and great grandchildren to come to look back on and see you for what you are and were.

Mark Antoney said...

Thank you for the kind words. I may just take your advice!