Saturday, 23 June 2007

An Enigma?

This skin, this flesh, this blood and bones,
Is that I - Mr Jones?
Is it I, or something else?
A spirit. A soul. Energy. Or just a sense?
A sense of perception; am I real? Or,
Just an illusion that can feel?
Do we really know who we are?
In time, in space, or from afar?
Afar, in our minds, maybe we know; but
Are blinded when we begin to grow!
To find the truth do we look too deep?
The secrets may lie within our keep!
Are they meant to be found? Or,
Are they meant to evolve? -
A question, we may never solve!!

Mark (12/10/05)


~Ambre~ said...

Chicken or the egg?


Don't answer that!

Rebicmel said...

Isn't that what an enigma is, something so unique to itself. Your poem is such. Pondering the questions that might never hold an answer or one we are willing to hear.

Nice :o)