Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Final Chapter

The budding of a rose
The conceiving of a human seed
A life that is born
Is such a wonderful miracle indeed

What is life all about?
No matter what you may feel or believe
To live life to it’s fullest
Is what we should all try to achieve

Follow the path you truly desire
Enjoy your life the way you feel
For at the end of it all
A legacy you will leave

To touch the lives of those you share
To tread the paths with those you meet
Share a love for all to cherish
Tread your path with your own two feet

As you travel through life
Many journeys you will take
Seek the path you truly desire
Rely on the choices that you make

For at the end of it all
Maybe there could be a life after
Live your life to its fullest
Just be happy when you reach your Final Chapter

(Mark A. Jones 11th December 2007)


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Jayne :) said...

Lo there mate :)

Have you given up on your blog? :(

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