Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Is this a Runway?

This is the tiny runway we had to land on and take off from! When arriving and circling the small island of Skiathos the Pilot alerted my attention to the tiny runway. I could see it as we approached it to land on.......I thought we would never stop on such a small runway....my heart was in my mouth! Taking off we had to take a detour to refuel on the Greek mainland (Thessaloniki), we had to do this because the pilot said that we couldn't take off from such a small runway with full fuel tanks!!!! It's the smallest runway I've ever been on and it was quite an experience.....i thought we were going to end up in the sea!!
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Jayne :) said...

Hey looks just like the one in Ndola International Airport! LOL

Any potholes?

Shari Mead said...

Is it time to put your head between your knees and kiss your butt goodbye. I would have been taking a boat to the mainland. I dont like small runways.

jadey said...

Wow I don't blame you for having your heart in your mouth. Alls I can say is you had a very skilled pilot for that take off and landing.